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Stampede Immersive has always placed great importance on audio, being the first area of service we offered upon opening.

Our expertise in music and post alike allow a flexible approach to taking on any kind of project, big or small. 

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Not sure what your film needs?


Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Film Post, Music production, Sound Design

2.0, 5.1, 7.1 & Dolby Atmos.


To inspire a connection between media and any audience, storytelling is the key to turning an idea into an emotion.


Powerful tools mixed with a creative vision that carries a strong message is the key to an immersive storytelling experience.



Transform your product, business or creative project into a story that captivates your audience...

Dolby Atmos

The best way to hear, create, deliver and experience sound!

Helping artists, businesses and creatives craft a more intricate and emotional story is the aim of the game. That's why we endeavour to bring the best technologies available today to your doorstep.

We have implemented multiple areas of service around Dolby Atmos post production workflows, mixing for film and TV as well as for music.
This allows us to take a top down approach to everything we do.


Dolby Atmos provides an innovative way of working in surround audio formats that not only translates to lower formats such as traditional channel based 7.1, 5.1 and stereo, but also future-proofs our content above and beyond what was ever possible before.


While most work depends on the needs of our clients and generally ends up at larger facilities particularly when mixing for feature films, we do have a small workspace available for lighter tasks. This includes mixing short films, recording and mixing for music projects and pre-mixing for cinema.

The studio is equipped with a 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos speaker layout and is capable of most areas that fit into post production workflows as well as the ability to record and edit ADR, foley, sound design, score and music, dialogue etc.


Session Musicians

Stampede Immersive offers a collective of specialised services that help musicians and artists a workflow enhanced solution to all things audio and visual.

Beginning with mixing and mastering services, we have developed a modern approach to building top tier recordings and mixes for music projects in the highest formats that exist in audio today such as Dolby Atmos and surround sound technologies.


Post production for film and TV involves many areas of the previously stated media and often requires a special touch of moviemaking magic to make work.

At Stampede Immersive, we know production quality and screen accuracy is extremely important to our clients so we have built a strong team that values your project.
With a versatile array of equipment and skill sets, we are dedicated to bringing your tale to the screen with the upmost care be it a feature film, short film, TV series or other type of project.

Jay Santilli, Musician

One of the hardest working guys in the industry! He LISTENS to how you envision your songs to sound, guides you when you feel a little lost and just makes the whole recording process enjoyable and stress free!

Joshy James, Musician

Would recommend to anyone with artistic ideas who doesn't yet know how to make it a reality, you'll learn a lot just from your sit down sessions with Dan.

Looking forward to doing more with Stampede Immersive!

Chris Smellin, Filmmaker

Did our RMIT Master's films. Brilliant sound and music quality, and an amazing person all around. It is an honour to have Dan on any production, as he brings so much to the table.

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