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Filming a Scene


From conception to the screen, Stampede Immersive helps you develop your project to ensure the highest levels of professional quality are met with rich visuals and accuracy.

Creative studios that have you covered across all areas of production and post!

Blackmagic Pocket 6K PRO


Being both Australian based entities, we primarily use Blackmagic cameras for their durability, quality and ease of use so we can perform better under pressure.
The Blackmagic Pocket 6k Pro is a favourite among our cinematographers for the flexibility it offers capturing light while retaining depth of focus maximization.  


At Stampede Immersive, capturing content at the highest level possible is of great importance. As a standard of the industry, RAW captures metadata from the camera to be adjusted beyond the shooting process.


Blackmagic created BRAW in their cameras to maximise the ability to enhance images in post. This becomes useful particularly in the colour correction and grading stages.

We use this through our integrated workflow between production and post production.

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