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Youth Studio
Youth Studio
Youth Studio


Youth Studio

Stampede Immersive is delighted to announce the launch of our latest youth program, which is designed to seamlessly integrate with local Council & Freeza organizations to establish creative hubs for skill-building workshops.


Our primary objective is to provide a flexible and professional asset that can impart knowledge about the various opportunities and skillsets that exist within the creative industries to young people. We are committed to offering professional consultancy and advice, along with a customized approach that caters to your equipment needs with the help of experienced technicians.


Our aim is to help you bring your space to life and inspire the next generation by providing them with a chance to learn and try their hands in a community-based program that they may not have had access to otherwise.


We are dedicated to inspiring new aspirations, discovering talents, and building confidence in these fields for our target audience, and we are confident that our program will help achieve these goals.


Cardinia Shire Council

"My Place" 5-7 Main Street, Pakenham 

Tel: 1800 496 884


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