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Ambisonics is a technique used for capturing, blending, and reproducing immersive 3D audio spanning 360 degrees.


Although invented in the 1970s, it only gained commercial traction recently due to the rise of the VR industry, which demands comprehensive 360° audio solutions.

The fundamental principle of Ambisonics revolves around treating an audio environment as a complete sphere of sound encompassing 360 degrees, with the centre point representing the location of the recording microphone or the listener's optimal listening position during playback.

In contemporary applications like VR and 360 video, the most popular Ambisonics format is Ambisonics B-format, which employs a 4-channel configuration (explained further below) to faithfully recreate a full sphere of sound.



ExamplesTry out some of these 360 Videos created with Ambisonics

Ambisonic sound for 360 socials content, VR, Games & more!

Ambisonic material consists of multi-dimensional planes of sound that can be used in interactive ways for your audiences. Virtual Reality & 360 videos can be made where your viewer can control their perspective that matches their visual and sound experience.

Contact us today to talk about getting started with Dolby Atmos!



Early into the studio's development, we decided to go with Adam Audio as our studio monitor brand of choice. We have a 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos monitoring room fitted out with x13 of Adam's T5V monitors and x1 T10S sub-woofer to complete the system.

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Start today!


Mix using binaural or ambisonic workflows to create incredible interactive experiences for your viewers.

Using an immersive monitoring environment, we help shape your vision with detailed sound.


Walk inside your vision with interactive deliveries perfect for virtual reality or 360 video experiences. Create precise mapping to better tell stories and allow your audience to control their perspective.

Professional Support

We are committed to the tech as much as the service we provide so you can rest assured that your project is being met with only the best customs that exist in audio production for the format.

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