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Preparing for mixing your film!

So, you've finished editing your project and you have the final cut - now it's time to prepare for the mix!

There are many things that go into the full soundtrack of a feature or short films sound mix. You of course have your dialogue from recording during production and you may have some sound effects or music in the edit as place holders but there can be quite a lot more to it than this.

To make it really simple to see all at once, we have listed out all the main contributing components that you may need to think about before the final mix can be completed.

  • Where will the film be shown?

  • Do you need a 5.1 mix?

  • Do you need an M&E?

  • Do you have ADR or Voiceovers to record?

  • Is the film in the correct frame rate?

Have you got foley, sound effects, ambiences, sound design elements, score & music or any other elements that need to be in the film?

These are just some of the things you need to think about before the final mix can take place. It is a good idea to allow for them in your budget to ensure you have the best shot at delivery everything required for submitting to distributors.

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